Facial Creams

Avon day cream    Avon Night cream            -- 50ml £4.50

Body shop day cream       Body shop night cream      -- 50ml £9

Im not great with beauty products and sticking to using them however i do try and use my day and night creams daily. 

My nana always says you should alwaysss use moisturiser every day no matter what !
 (she has great skin and looks younger than her age so she is aloud to say this :P) 

i have quiet sensitive skin and im unable to use 'cheap' products and im apprehensive about using new products so i stick to Avon usually as i am used to using their products however i wanted to try something new so i went to Body shop knowing they have a sensitive skin rage named Aloe soothing. i was still a bit unsure of how i felt about buying something then being unable to use it so the lady at the counter offered me some samples :D (great service).

Avon- Both really nice products and quiet fairly priced not as light as i would like but work well by keeping my face soft :). The am i always try to use before i put on my daily makeup and the pm i use after i have cleansed my face on a night when i get in my Pj's leaving it slightly visible so it ca soak in rather than me rub it in :)
i would give them overall maybe  7/10

BodyShop- a bit higher priced ! a but quiet light on skin, enjoyed trying them out and plan on maybe buying them once my creams run out, (nearly there) also want to try out other products from this range .. i shall ask for more free samples :D they smell quiet fresh as well and i can not feel them once i have rubbed in to my skin unlike the avon where i can tell i have the cream on for a little while after. 
i would probably grade them higher maybe about 8.5/10 

Have you tried these products?
What do you use?

Alex ox.


Im so loving these slogan Tee's right now ! i wasnt sure which one too choose and i was hoping to find a bit of a bargain some where so i had a little hunt around and  i found it !! 

PRIMARK £4 !!! 

(However mine does say Nerd not geek)

 i couldnt belive it .. why pay £18 at Topshop for a similar style top, however the quality is obviously better at Topshop but i will more than likely wear this top once or twice and i will loose it in the back of my wardrobe some where ! so for the money i will happily do that ;) 

Have you bought one of these yet ?? 
where is yours from ??

Love Alex ox. 

Mens Fashion Week

I have chosen my 3 best of the best from each mens fashion week so far :)

im not a fan of actually designing mens wear but actually looking at it and working with it i do enjoy so after looking through i decided to share my favourites. 

London - well i was in fact disappointed with London, nothing stood out for me ! i felt it was a bit dull really and i usually expect more from our British designers ! (i'm holding out for 's wear)However i do like a few of the Christopher Kane designers !

Milan - well Milan is definitely my favourite of them all which i did not expect as i usually feel that Milan is the same old boring stuff but Burberry did well and made me smile as i felt the models looked slightly awkward carrying their bags along the catwalk ! 
(Probs just me who finds this hilar.) 

Paris - I love the Hermés collection in paris i felt it was so smart and sophisticated and perfect ready to wear mens fashion not too plain either. i think the models sway me slightly though as they are GORGEOUSSS !!

Reallllly excited for Fashion week now seen as though i shall be at Paris fashion week :D
i will be posting all about it i'm sure ! <3 

Lots of Fashion Love 
Alex ox. 

Ebay Wish list #2

This wishlist is pretty and girly, (which is not usually my style) i love the two tshirts and i have wanted both for a while now. they are all quiet reasonably priced and are on my purchasing list when I'm paid :)

Mac Make-up

I finally am now a big fan of Mac Makeup ! 
iv always liked it but never really felt brave enough to dive in and be consumed by the beauty of it ! also its slightly pricey ! however when in hethrow airport travelling to south africa i was lucky enough to be able to afford the tax free prices :D 

i bought ...
Studio fix powder plus foundation - NW25
Bronzing powder - Golden 
Eye brows pencil - Fling 

and now.. i am a massive fan ! you can truly tell the quality difference and i highly reccomend the products i have tried and i now plan to save my money and buy each product when my current make up runs out !
i usually use natural collection from boots. its quiet a cheap range but due to my sensitive skin and me being allergic to different brands i tend to stick to it as it works well with my skin  :) 

Who else uses Mac Makeup ?? 
Any one want to recommend any thing for me ?? 

Lots of Love Alex ox. 


i am crazy about jewellery, my jewellery box is rammed full of every type of jewellery you could imagine. i do often question as to why i own so much as i usually wear my same every day things but its nice to change now and again and over the years i have to collected it all up and not been able to part with it. My parents tend to buy me a new piece of jewellery from my favourite designer each christmas and Birthday :D 

For my Birthday this year i was given the money to put towards a new watch which I'm hoping to find a bargain in the sales ! 

and for christmas i received a Alexander McQueen necklace and a Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet as you can see from my photos :D i was sooooo happy these where my christmas gifts i never thought i would get two of these things but they where quiet fairly priced The McQueen £40 and the Marc Jacobs £25 quiet bargain fashion piece jewellery. 

My mission now is to find a perfect watch .. i want some thing simple to wear every day nothing too pricey maybe up to about £150 ? 

Any body got any gorgeous Jewellery ?? 
Suggestions for watches for me ??

Alex ox. 

South Africa

 I spent my Christmas Holiday in the warmer climate of South Africa :D some of my family live there so we visited for three weeks and spent christmas and new year with them :) 

i had an amazing time and these photos i took at one of the safari parks we stayed at ! i LOVE animals and especially Elephants so i was over the moon i was able to touch them and spend time with them :D one of the best experiences of my life. Over all i loved my holiday and i would recommend the trip to any one ! my favourite place is within the safari and national parks but the coast is also great ! there is really something for everyone there ! 

Did any one else do any thing exciting over christmas or new years ?? 
Has any one else been to Africa or some where exciting ?? id love to hear as I'm planning my next trips abroad already !! 

Lots of Love Alex ox. 

New year.. New start

So as i said i would post more this year (not done well so far ) but tbf i have only just got back in to my uni routine, as i havnt long been home from holiday ! 

i have a few posts to catch up on as i have many exciting things to post about :D  

I hope everyone has had a nice christmas and a great start to the new year this year has already been great for me and i have exciting things planned :) 

My resolutions are definitely to blog more and try to ensure i keep it up to date and i read up on other peoples. also to keep on top of fashion news ! i tend to do that any way (Vogue news app)
also i want to keep on top of all my uni work and structure my notes to make it easier for revision and finally i need to get healthy ! iv started walking to uni with some friends that is going well so far :) 

Has any one else kept to resolutions so far ? 

Another is to Follow back all followers so please please can i get some followers please :D 

Lots of Love ox.