Student Night !

Last week i went to the student Lock in at the Arndale centre in Manchester, it was an organised night in the shopping centre that offered student discount and freebies ! i managed to get a free £5 gift voucher and free food !! was worth going to really just for that. in topshop there was 20% off so i bought a dress and a skirt that should have been i think £36 in total and i paid £23 .. i can not remember the exact maths, i used my free £5 ! so i was quiet happy !! 
It was a fun evening with some of my flat mates too. :) 

I got This dress :) - ( wont let me  save a pic :S ) - and i got This skirt :)

Just basic items but the plan is that i can style them with other things as i my wardrobe seems to be lacking the basics !

This was me in the Schuh store drinking the free cider :)

Sooo if your city has one of these and your a student i recommend going, you can stock up on the bargains and freebies :D ! who doesn't love a bit of discount ?!

Alex ox. 


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