H&M Collaboration | Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela...

H&M awaits their next designer collaboration with Margiela, the look book has been announced online and im not so sure how i feel about it.

I do feel that it is slightly pricey for what it actually is, however i know that i want to buy in to it as i feel it is my chance to be bought in to a piece of the designer lifestyle. 

The collection launches on the 15th of November and yes i will probably be one of those crazy people that goes in store on that day to have a look about as the previous collections such as Marni and Versace.
The pieces i have featured are two i like and two i don't, i really like the big oversized jumper as i feel it would look great with tights and boots and the Circle shirt i think is a really interesting design. The half and half dress I really am not sure about ... i don't think it will catch on as a future fashion trend but then again you never know? and the glove bag I'm just think what would i ever fit in that ??. 

I love that H&M have these designer collaborations and i always get excited to see whats next. Margiela is probably not as popular in the U.K as it is in the states so i am looking forward to see how the British public react to it. If i wasn't involved in Fashion myself i don't recon i would actually know the brand as it isn't one that is publicised as much as say Versace.

I think it would be interesting to hear what other people think about it :)


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