Ebay Wish List #1

So taking inspiration from other blogs i have decided since i am Officially an Ebay addict i should really start on posting my wishlists !

i am very prone to clicking that 'add to watch list' button, at the moment i have 14 items on there and to be honest thats actually really good for me *proud* these things include the above and other items are as odd as a personalised mousemat .. i don't even have a mouse as i have my mac book pro, but you never know it may come in handy as a potential gift ? 

Anyyy way back to my wish list, i have linked the items above to Ebay so if you do so wish to view them you are able to :). 
The boots i have on my list for a while and once i am paid i am temped to purchase these, I'm thinking the black ones.
The Figi Love bracelet i have already bought !! i couldn't resist after finding out how much the official designer ones are £££!! so i thought a copy will do for now... 

- even though i usually am against 'copies' due to the fact my parents always say 'hey look theres your scarf' reffering to any black and white skull scarf that may resemble my Alexander McQueen -R.I.P :'(- one! and if you are similar to me you could die a little inside if any one ever said that your £165 scarf looked any thing like a £5 Primark special ! -

...  The skirt i am unsure of due the the sizing, it is one size :\ i am not 'one size' basically meaning small but for the price it is i may give it a go. 
Technic High lights is something i recently been looking at i am unsure if i would use it but it may be worth trying out as i always like to improve my makeup collection.
 And finally the Lace collar, are these going out of fashion now? I'm unsure its dead cute and i think i could add it to a few winter jumpers to add a little extra something :) 

So yeah here is first of hopefully many.. 

Alex ox. 


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