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As you can see from my past two posts i love to buy in to little pieces of designer luxuary and being a student i often am unable to afford the designer lifestyle i desire..

However something that i have realised lately is that designers often have diffusion lines that make people such as myslef who loves high end designer lables be able to buy in to the world of amazingly glamorous expensive fashion. 

A diffusion line is something created by a designer that is not as luxurious as their over all products but something that it is still pricy but affordable. 

For example.. the collection collaborations with H&M also See by Chloe at Urban Outfitters, But mainly these are the collections such as McQ for Alexander McQueen or Anglomania for Vivienne Westwood.

I mention these two inparticular as i bought in to these brands and i now own (possibly too much V.W) items from each brand. 

Two things in particular that i own are a T-shirt from each designer. My McQ top i bought in the sale from a boutique that stocks the label in my home village i think it was £21 reduced from £105 absolute bargain right!  and my Vivienne Westwood one i bought for £50 from her Savile row shop in London. Yes £50 for a Tshirt !! i ask myself if this top wasn't Vivienne Westwood would i buy it ? NO NO NO i would not that is a crazyyy price for a white cotton logo t-shirt.

Im not really sure as to why I buy in to these things but walking out of the shop knowing I have bought a small piece of this affordbly(ish) luxury brand makes me more than happy ! 

Another thing i have is Betsy Johnson slippers, now i think there is no need for designer slippers .. really is there :) ahh well i feel it contributes to my champagne lifestyle.. Lemonade Budget ! 


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