All settled in

Ahh all moved in to my new home for the year :) and i LOVE it .. have thee most amazing flatmates what are all crazyyyy, and iv deffs got the biggest room and best of all biggest wardrobe :D YAYYYY!

I havnt even had to cook a meal yet the boys are all over it :P 
This is Jackk he is a cutieeee.

I shall add more pics after FRESHERRRRSSS week :D 

Moving out time :)

So i am once again packing up my life to take back to uni :) but this time im going to manchester for 4 whole years, i feel strange that i am going to have live in once place for 4 whole years ! well one of my years will be placement so i could be anyyywhere :D 

I have packed.. 2 suitcases , 8 boxes and 5 bags :| wowww i have so much stuff and im leaving some stuff at home, mostly summer things considering British 'summer' is now overrr :( 

Me with no stuff or clothes for the next few days till the big move :| 


*Heyyy so this is my first post from my new Apple Mac book pro, which i must say is totes amaze.. if i knew how to actually use it, i have figured out iTunes and internet .. wooo ;) *

So so a few events to catch up on Hackney Weeeekkkendd <3 

A free music event at hackney marches in London presented by BBC Radio 1, it had amazing top artists such as Rhianna , Jay-Z , Plan B, Tinie Tempah to name a few it was a great day out i truly Loved it and thought it was great to have it in the Hackney community.