Me and my G, Leu Solomon
( Future millionaire designer) ;)


She is currently working at a placement with up and coming designers and managed to get us some tickets to go for a brouse around the graduate fashion week at earls court..

i didnt get the chance to take that many photos as i was so excited with looking at all the graduates work ! it was all amazing, there is so much hard work that goes in to all the students final shows it made me excited to do my own work !
Howeverr i also realised how much i dont enjoy designing and making any more but do LOVE the bussiness and marketing etc !and i got to look at the students marketing work from Nottingam Trent what was amazing!
i am now really excited to start my BA degree at Manchester Metropolitan university
International Fashion marketing

Leu is wearing a vintage dress from Brick Lane market and vintage accessories from a Manchester Market


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