Fashion schoooool

Ok so hear is some of my notes from my Fashion industry class :) it may be interesting to people ? 

What is Fashion?
Business: Under the subheading of fashion business I associate many eras including, communications, media, digital imagery, marketing, publication and other ‘business’ like aspects. These are all important and must be included in the fashion industry for it to be able to survive. For example if you took away digital imagery and marketing sales would drop due to the lack of advertisements.

Influences: Another big aspect in the Fashion world would be the designer’s influences whether this is what inspires them to design and what effects and influences their drawing/designing or it could be the state of the economic world. This may include things such as what fabrics and components are available or other influences such as how to manufacture either in legal factories or it could be sweatshops. Designers can find inspiration from anywhere but they must do research and look at key trends old and new before they design. Many designers look to historical influences for this. Without influences inspiration and exciting unique ideas the designers would not be able to produce the amazing collections we have today.

Social groups/class: Social aspects of fashion include the phrase ‘what you wear is who you are’ this applies to people who conform or dress in a certain way to ‘belong’ or be part of a group. This could be influenced by your hobby, friends, job, social class or maybe just personal taste. An example of this is people who are interested in sport often always wear sports brands or someone that is upper class will wear more expensive clothes to show their status and wealth. 


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