I have been totally rubbish and not posted in over a month :( sad times.. been crazy busy and truly not had the time.. as of tomorrow i will be in south Africa for christmas :D zoo i shall be sharing my pics when im home :D 

Home everyine has a great christmas and New years and my resolution is to deffo post more :) 

Lots of Love Bloggers ox.

T-shirts | Fashion Favourites

As you can see from my past two posts i love to buy in to little pieces of designer luxuary and being a student i often am unable to afford the designer lifestyle i desire..

However something that i have realised lately is that designers often have diffusion lines that make people such as myslef who loves high end designer lables be able to buy in to the world of amazingly glamorous expensive fashion. 

A diffusion line is something created by a designer that is not as luxurious as their over all products but something that it is still pricy but affordable. 

For example.. the collection collaborations with H&M also See by Chloe at Urban Outfitters, But mainly these are the collections such as McQ for Alexander McQueen or Anglomania for Vivienne Westwood.

I mention these two inparticular as i bought in to these brands and i now own (possibly too much V.W) items from each brand. 

Two things in particular that i own are a T-shirt from each designer. My McQ top i bought in the sale from a boutique that stocks the label in my home village i think it was £21 reduced from £105 absolute bargain right!  and my Vivienne Westwood one i bought for £50 from her Savile row shop in London. Yes £50 for a Tshirt !! i ask myself if this top wasn't Vivienne Westwood would i buy it ? NO NO NO i would not that is a crazyyy price for a white cotton logo t-shirt.

Im not really sure as to why I buy in to these things but walking out of the shop knowing I have bought a small piece of this affordbly(ish) luxury brand makes me more than happy ! 

Another thing i have is Betsy Johnson slippers, now i think there is no need for designer slippers .. really is there :) ahh well i feel it contributes to my champagne lifestyle.. Lemonade Budget ! 

H&M Collaboration | Maison Martin Margiela

Maison Martin Margiela...

H&M awaits their next designer collaboration with Margiela, the look book has been announced online and im not so sure how i feel about it.
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Jean Paul Gaultier | Diet Coke Bottles 2012

Now i have FINALLLYYYY compleated my collection and been able to buy my third Jean Paul Gaultier Limited addition diet coke bottle, i feel it is now appropriate to  comment on how I love his Spring/summer 2013 ready-to-wear collection ! 

I always feel his collections stand out to be a bit more edgy and exciting than other designs however he is renowned for that i suppose. i feel that i NEED one of those Gaultier belts they would make any outfit just that little bit more spectacular  ;). 

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Ebay Wish List #1

So taking inspiration from other blogs i have decided since i am Officially an Ebay addict i should really start on posting my wishlists !

i am very prone to clicking that 'add to watch list' button, at the moment i have 14 items on there and to be honest thats actually really good for me *proud* these things include the above and other items are as odd as a personalised mousemat .. i don't even have a mouse as i have my mac book pro, but you never know it may come in handy as a potential gift ? 

Anyyy way back to my wish list, i have linked the items above to Ebay so if you do so wish to view them you are able to :). 
The boots i have on my list for a while and once i am paid i am temped to purchase these, I'm thinking the black ones.
The Figi Love bracelet i have already bought !! i couldn't resist after finding out how much the official designer ones are £££!! so i thought a copy will do for now... 

- even though i usually am against 'copies' due to the fact my parents always say 'hey look theres your scarf' reffering to any black and white skull scarf that may resemble my Alexander McQueen -R.I.P :'(- one! and if you are similar to me you could die a little inside if any one ever said that your £165 scarf looked any thing like a £5 Primark special ! -

...  The skirt i am unsure of due the the sizing, it is one size :\ i am not 'one size' basically meaning small but for the price it is i may give it a go. 
Technic High lights is something i recently been looking at i am unsure if i would use it but it may be worth trying out as i always like to improve my makeup collection.
 And finally the Lace collar, are these going out of fashion now? I'm unsure its dead cute and i think i could add it to a few winter jumpers to add a little extra something :) 

So yeah here is first of hopefully many.. 

Alex ox. 

Christmas list | 2012

Christmas is fast aproaching yes?, has any one else made there Christmas list yet ? Ok i am 19 nearly 20 and yes i still send a christmas list to my mum :D. 
i have to because if not santa wouldn't know that i wanted a Marc Jacobs laptop case or Thierry Mugler perfume. 
So i thought i would post my list so everyone knows and if any of yous want to buy me a present you will know what i want lol ;).

1. Vivienne Westwood Black bag 
2. White converse 
3. Mac pink Lipstick
4. Levi shorts
5. Black Vivienne Westwood Cardigan
6. Thierry Mugler Perfume
7. Make up (in a general sense)
8. Nike Blazers
9. Top shop dress
10. Mulberry Bag ;) 
11. black leather skirt
12. Jeffery Campbell black boots.
13. Marc Jacobs laptop case
14. Monica Vinader Braclet
15. Alexander Mcqueen leather thin braclet 
16. Longchamp bag medium size long handle, possibly black 
17. My hair done at a salon 
18. skiing trip !!
19. multiple gig tickets
20. soap and glory body wash
21.Vivenne Weswood watch - Black 
22. Michael Kors watch - leopard print 
23. Levi jeans 
24. Topshop Vouchers 
25. A white Fiat 500 convertible 

i think i should stop there even though i could go on foreverrrr :D 

what are you asking santa for ??

Alex ox.

P.s Please can i ask for world peace too <3 
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Yay my blog is getting more hits that is exciting :D
i feel like i do need to add a lot more to it and i am trying to recently as i feel it is important and may one day assist me in getting a 'dream job'.
i dont exactly know what my dream job may be but i just know i want to work hard and enjoy life :) i want a job where i can experience new things each day, travel and continuously learn through out my life :)


This week i joined the Fashion society as part of the university. i was so excited to go to the first meeting to find out the exciting plans for the year, turns out they are planning on going to Birmingham clothes show, Pure London and Bread and Butter Berlin !! 

Bread and butter Berlin would be actually amazing the experience gained from having the opportunity to visit there would just be crazyyy ! i really hope i get to go as i have my little heart set on it now ;)

If you don't know what BBB is its a trade show for all things Fashion.

'The internationally prevailing trade show provides a creative marketing and communication platform for selected brands, labels and designers from the progressive segment that is unrivalled throughout the world. Under the maxim “fun & profit”, BREAD & BUTTER unites inspiration and business. The brands exhibiting at BREAD & BUTTER present themselves integrally, in keeping with their individual philosophy and within their own brand culture and emotional setting.' 

Here is a clip from youtube.com i found about it too :)

So yes saving starts now :D... xmas present ?

Alex ox.

Manchester Museums | Plat Fields Park

I went on my first 'school trip' with uni yesterday ! we went to Platt fields hall gallery it features costumes from previous centuries and also an exhibition that changes every so often. it is only a small gallery but is a lovely and interesting building.

Personally i did not enjoy it as i have a BIG fear of Mannequins which is terrible due to the fact i want a fashion based career but i just do not like them and i do not like to be near them so it makes my expenience in gallaries and museums less enjoyable especially in small confinded rooms! 

However the current exhibition they have features dresses made primarily from paper which i think is rather interesting and quiet a good skill as i am sure working with paper is not as easy as a material ! 

Also the exhibition that is permanent is interesting too it features hats, shoes and costumes from the 20th century. i have tried to locate the website online but they don't seem to have one i did however find this site i any one is interested in it. 

I managed to take a few photos whilst there but not many due to my phobias :| haha.
 (i suppose it is laughable) 

The paper dress exhibition :)

The other collections.

I hope to go back there to view other exhibitions when they change ! 

Alex ox. 

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Student Night !

Last week i went to the student Lock in at the Arndale centre in Manchester, it was an organised night in the shopping centre that offered student discount and freebies ! i managed to get a free £5 gift voucher and free food !! was worth going to really just for that. in topshop there was 20% off so i bought a dress and a skirt that should have been i think £36 in total and i paid £23 .. i can not remember the exact maths, i used my free £5 ! so i was quiet happy !! 
It was a fun evening with some of my flat mates too. :) 

I got This dress :) - ( wont let me  save a pic :S ) - and i got This skirt :)

Just basic items but the plan is that i can style them with other things as i my wardrobe seems to be lacking the basics !

This was me in the Schuh store drinking the free cider :)

Sooo if your city has one of these and your a student i recommend going, you can stock up on the bargains and freebies :D ! who doesn't love a bit of discount ?!

Alex ox. 


i have recently got Pinterest and i have decided i shall create my boards on there full of my Favourite Fashion Week show looks from various designers, that way i can keep track of all my favourite pieces from each collection as i have so many. I love the PIN IT bookmark you are able to add and also the follow me on Pinterest button i was able to add on to my Blog

You can go directly to my page .. Here :)

My favourite S/S 2013 show that i have viewed so far is Louis Vuitton woman's wear it is always an amazing collection with an amazing ambiance set and create direction to go along with it. 

*Video found on youtube*

i also very much like the Elie Saab s/s woman's wear Collection and for the men's wear i so far my favourite is the Topman design collection. 

i unfortunately do not know of any one who would wear these pieces but i would like to make friends with some one who is willing, they are quiet quirky and fun and give a retro look to mens wear i like this reoccurring trend and hope that my boyfriend may adopt this in the future (possibly/maybe/Probably not.. still hopefull)

These pieces from the Elie Saab collection i find beautiful and personally i would love to own a dress similar to these (if not these exact ones??) i feel the floaty and delicateness eases from spring in to summer, butterflies fields and daisies come in to mind. 
the first i feel is more couture andthe second ready-to-wear (but this is just in my opinion) 
i shall deffinatly be on the look out for similar shapes and prints.

Photos from style.com

Sorry for posting all at once but i feel like i just have a lot to say right now, i am finally getting my blog in to the direction it needs to be focussed on as i have no one to share my love of each collection with.

Much Love. ox


So Freshers is now overr :( but its time to get Fashionyy ;) (deffs a word)

 i LOVEE LOVE LOVEEEE my course!

it is really what i wanted and expected i am so happy that it has turned out perfectly that i am here <3

 its has got my thinking head on and got me into the career mind set ! i truly cannot wait to start working with fashion companys on placements i want all the possible experience i can gain 
MANCHESTERRR is the place to be. 

Ok soo a few Fresher party pics ..

Had soo much fun and made friends with some amazing people :) 

The Next Post shall be Fashion Based not crazy drunk teenager based ! 

Lemonade (Deffs not>) Champagne Love ;) ox

All settled in

Ahh all moved in to my new home for the year :) and i LOVE it .. have thee most amazing flatmates what are all crazyyyy, and iv deffs got the biggest room and best of all biggest wardrobe :D YAYYYY!

I havnt even had to cook a meal yet the boys are all over it :P 
This is Jackk he is a cutieeee.

I shall add more pics after FRESHERRRRSSS week :D 

Moving out time :)

So i am once again packing up my life to take back to uni :) but this time im going to manchester for 4 whole years, i feel strange that i am going to have live in once place for 4 whole years ! well one of my years will be placement so i could be anyyywhere :D 

I have packed.. 2 suitcases , 8 boxes and 5 bags :| wowww i have so much stuff and im leaving some stuff at home, mostly summer things considering British 'summer' is now overrr :( 

Me with no stuff or clothes for the next few days till the big move :| 


*Heyyy so this is my first post from my new Apple Mac book pro, which i must say is totes amaze.. if i knew how to actually use it, i have figured out iTunes and internet .. wooo ;) *

So so a few events to catch up on Hackney Weeeekkkendd <3 

A free music event at hackney marches in London presented by BBC Radio 1, it had amazing top artists such as Rhianna , Jay-Z , Plan B, Tinie Tempah to name a few it was a great day out i truly Loved it and thought it was great to have it in the Hackney community. 


 i went to watch TEED ( totally enormous extinct dinosaurs) at KOKO in Camden ! it was amaaaazingg! one of the best gigs iv been to for a while. The lights and atmosphere where amazing too, basically i loved it and would advise any one listening to his music and going to a gig if you can :) it was only £12 for tickets so a fairly cheap but great night out !

I am wearing top: coco noir (boutique in Hull) leggings: Next  Braclets: Pandora, Thomas sabo, Tiffany


Me and my G, Leu Solomon
( Future millionaire designer) ;)


She is currently working at a placement with up and coming designers and managed to get us some tickets to go for a brouse around the graduate fashion week at earls court..

i didnt get the chance to take that many photos as i was so excited with looking at all the graduates work ! it was all amazing, there is so much hard work that goes in to all the students final shows it made me excited to do my own work !
Howeverr i also realised how much i dont enjoy designing and making any more but do LOVE the bussiness and marketing etc !and i got to look at the students marketing work from Nottingam Trent what was amazing!
i am now really excited to start my BA degree at Manchester Metropolitan university
International Fashion marketing

Leu is wearing a vintage dress from Brick Lane market and vintage accessories from a Manchester Market

Apple Tree Boutique

Whilst studying in London i also have had a Job working in a small ladies clothing boutique down Portobello Rd. It is full of cute skirts,dresses,tops and scarfs all in on trend colours and prints. It was a lot of Fun working there and i am sad to leave now that i have to move home for the summer.
 i will be sure to keep checking out the website :D

Ideal home show | 2012

Ideal home show 2012

Ideal home show 2012

Ideal home show 2012

SO im planning on trying to go to lots of exhibitions and shows ..

This is not my choice of show but i got dragged along by my mumma, but still it was fun and inspirational :D i recommend any one going its pretty cheap for a ticket and you get a free samples and things as you walk around :)!

Fashion schoooool

Ok so hear is some of my notes from my Fashion industry class :) it may be interesting to people ? 

What is Fashion?
Business: Under the subheading of fashion business I associate many eras including, communications, media, digital imagery, marketing, publication and other ‘business’ like aspects. These are all important and must be included in the fashion industry for it to be able to survive. For example if you took away digital imagery and marketing sales would drop due to the lack of advertisements.

Influences: Another big aspect in the Fashion world would be the designer’s influences whether this is what inspires them to design and what effects and influences their drawing/designing or it could be the state of the economic world. This may include things such as what fabrics and components are available or other influences such as how to manufacture either in legal factories or it could be sweatshops. Designers can find inspiration from anywhere but they must do research and look at key trends old and new before they design. Many designers look to historical influences for this. Without influences inspiration and exciting unique ideas the designers would not be able to produce the amazing collections we have today.

Social groups/class: Social aspects of fashion include the phrase ‘what you wear is who you are’ this applies to people who conform or dress in a certain way to ‘belong’ or be part of a group. This could be influenced by your hobby, friends, job, social class or maybe just personal taste. An example of this is people who are interested in sport often always wear sports brands or someone that is upper class will wear more expensive clothes to show their status and wealth. 

Portabello Rd.

 Love the cute little pegs 

I visited Portabello Rd. market for some inspirational photos i didn't take many but i just wanted to get a few :) i love the idea of the little pegs with the prices on :D and the door/draw etc handles are Very cute i may have to invest in them !! 

I want to collate as many images as possible to use for inspiration so where ever i go i am planning on taking as many pics as possibly .. 

Yea ok im no Alexi Hay
( fashion photographer ;) - learninggg!)